06-Jul-2022 :

These are unprecedented times with no certainty when things will get back to normal.

There is understandably a lot of speculation as to who can do what and when and social media has gone mad with scare stories and incorrect information.


A major concern for people is who should be working and who should be staying at home.


Although there is currently no restriction on construction work Servicebase Ltd are only undertaking what we think is essential. We are repairing roofs for elderly and vulnerable clients for local care and repair agencies and undertaking preparation work to help stabilise a dangerous structure.


So, if you see our vans driving about please be assured, we are doing work that keeps people safe and protected from the elements.


We have today registered our company on the government website offering delivery and warehousing facilities should it be needed.


Everyone be safe.


Best wishes. The Directors at Serivcebase Ltd

The farm renovation is coming to an end. Its had a new roof, plastered inside, kitchen and bathrooms. Found an old well that needed capping. just become involved in a grade 2 listed hotel that currently an unsafe structure, so challanging work ahead.
We cover all aspects of building work in #North wales and Chester
Very busy year to date. We've completed Hawarden castle lodge. Lots of listed work there. Started a very nice farm renovation just up the road.
We are now a Trading Standards aprroved trader https://www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk/profile/servicebase-ltd/31099/
We've started to supply secondary glazing. Its really good value for money. If you need a quote for this give us a call.
We are now in our new premisis. Its very big and theres a bit of work to do.
Thanks for everyones feedback and best wishes. 
Have a look here
Although we're moving we are still extremly busy seamless flat roofing and making listed building look good for the future.

We are moving to new premisis very soon. Watch this space.

Our seamless flat roofing systm is great.  We cover North Wales and Chester. GRP is the way forward.
We seem to be doing plenty of conservation work this year. Grade 2 and Grade 1!
Garage conversions seem to be very popular this year. Get in touch if you want expert advice.
We've been busy working on grade 2 listed building this year. And last year for that matter. Traditional lime putty plasters and renders have been used. Lime wash paints and lots of traditional box sah windows refurbished.  Give us a call for listed work in Chester and North Wales.

Where did 2016 go?!  No time to even update our news!. 2017 has got off to a flying start with work book in until april. Hopefully we'll find the time to update regulary. We're booking in lts of GRP fiberglass roofs in Rhyl. Llandudno, and Abergele. All over North Wales.
Febuary saw storm Doris. If youve experianced storm damage to your flat roof give us a call.  We can help with all sorts of roofing problems.
Busy start to the year. Plenty of flat roofs, plenty of bathrooms.
August/September 2015
Its been an extremly busy couple of months. We have been flat out working for Denbigh, Conwy and Flint. Its now Flat roof silly season. Everyone wants the roof changing once the weather turns. If you need a flat roof in Rhyl, Abergele, Mold, Flint, Llandundo get in touch. All our roofs come with an insurence backed gaurentee. Book your flat roof now to ensure its all complete before the really bad weather sets in.
July 2015

its been a very busy few months with work coming in from many sources.  Although we've not had time to update the news page we thought that we needed to announce the following.  ServiceBase Ltd have now been approved by HomePro insurance. This means that we can offer an insurance backed guarantee on most types of work.

February 20015
Its very cold. We seem to have started February with a rush of extensions and refurbishments to price. Thes are generally from Abergele, Prestatyn & Llandudno.  We're still replacing plenty of GRP flat roofs. Dont forget we're approved by Denbighshire, Conwy and Flintshire Council.  
We're still busy with disability adaptaions for the local councils. If you dont qualify for grant aided adaptations we can work directly for you and adaptation work is VAT free!!
November/December/January 20014/15
We finished off the year as it started-busy!  Well Happy New year to everyone.  2015 has got off to an easy start although we priced up 15 jobs and tenders in the first week!
Remember if you need a flat roof in Rhyl or a flat roof in Prestatyn or a flat roof in Llandudno  give us a call
A very busy six months. Weve completed lots of bathrooms a huge dormer window project and lots of other refurbishment work.  We'll soon be offering top quality REHAU windows, doors and conservatories at great low prices.
March/April 2014



Well we've settled in to the new office/workshop. Our commitment to qualityn and reliability is really paying off. We've lots of local authority work and our new advertising campaign is keeping the phone busy. If you need a new bathroom, wet room, flat roof, extension or are considering any other project give us a call. We are builders in Rhyl, Prestatyn, Conwy, Abergele, Llandudno.

February 2014
Still busy!  And we've moved. We can now be found at
Unit 14, Parc Fforddlas
LL18 2QD
We're very excited. 
July 2013 to January 2014
Well...we've been too busy to update the news page. The summer of 2013 was hectic with flat roofs and disability adaptations. Local Authority have been keeping us busy!
Some news for 2014: ServiceBase are moving to combined storage and office space!. We may even set up a showroom. Watch this space.....
June 2013
Well June came and so did the weather. Nows the time to get your flat roof sorted. Fibereglass GRP flat roofing. Need a flat roof sorting in Rhyl, Abergele, Denbigh, Llandudno..get in touch.  Plenty of plans going out too. So if you need planning permission in denbighshire, flintshire or conwy give us a call
May 2013
Its been a strange month weather wise. Hope it picks up. We've some fantastic prices on conservatories. Top quality too!. Fit now ready for summer.
April 2013
We've had  very positive feedback now that we offer the full design service. We can arrange an architect to draw plans and submit for planning permission etc.  This service really eases the stress of home improvement. Its the full service making us a one stop shop. Need an Architect in Rhyl, Architect in Chester, Architect in Llandudno or an Architect in Mold...give us a call
March 2013
Its been a very busy year so far! We've been woking flat out and the phone just keeps ringing.  We are please to now be able to offer a drawing and planning service. If your looking for an architect in rhyl. architect in mold, architect in llandudno or an architect in chester give us a call. We can orginise this service, providing prices before you commit to expensive plans.
January 2013
Happy New Year to everyone.  We've been that busy that we couldnt find time to update November and December!! Any we have some good quality work on the go, extension, loft conversion from planning to completion.  But now is the time to look at those flat roofs.  We provide GRP fibreglass flat roofing in conwy, Denbighshire, Rhyl, Flint, Mold, Llandudno...everywhere.  Go on give us a call if your roofs leaking
We've been looking at plenty of garage conversions this month. All over Chester and North Wales.  The kitchen sale went well and we've fitted loads of GRP roofing.
If you need a quotation or advice on any building project in North Wales and Chester give us a call.
Busy month again!  We've completed several disability adaptations for the council and plenty of roofs!  Dont forget we supply and fit Howdens kitchens and October is sale time!
July/August 2012
Had no time to update our news page the lsat 2 months as we've been flat out.  We've been installing loads of new GRP fiberglass roofs.  That will help keep the rain out.  We've supplied and fitted several new kitchens from Howdens joinery and a few bathrooms.  We've also undertaken a few disability sdaptations for the council.  We've got a few extensions in the pipeline too.  So if you need a builder in Wrexham, Chester, Rhyl, Prestatyn, Abergele or anywhere in North Wales get in touch.
June 2012
We've been working solidly for 3 weeks preparing quotes! Schools, extensions, roofing, drying.  Honesty and reliability pays off!
Finalising our fibreglass roofing, GRP roofing, flat roofing skills. on official product training for fibreglass roofing in rhyl, abergele, flint, chester
May 2012

Really looking forward to the
impending launch of our fiberglass roofing service. GRP roofing is almost bomb
proof!. The life expectancy is 50 years and its guaranteed for 20 years.

It looks really good too. Coming
soon fiberglass roofing in rhyl, abergele, chester, flint



April 2012
Not much news this month what with holidays and such.  Lots of requests for extensions in chester and North Wales.  We have gained CHAS complience. And then we became CHAS accredited. This is really good news!
March 2012
BNI Clwyd is going from strengh to strengh with lots of new members.  Lots of prices gone out and we are expecting a busy year. Priced lots of extensions in chester and north wales.  Do you need planning permission? Give us a call and we can help.
We've seen an increase in the number of folk asking about Radon Gas. We've been fitting Radon extraction units all over flintshire and chester.  If you've a problem with Radon Gas give us a call
February 2012
Very busy this month providing wet rooms in chester.  There seems to be a lot of potential work in the pipeline.
BNI Clwyd seems to be picking up with lots of visitors.
We are now a denbighshire approved contractor
January 2012
At ServiceBase we are very positive about the New Year. We’ve had lots of enquiries about extensions and loft conversions.  We are continuing to promote the Clwyd chapter of BNI which has proved invaluable in sourcing new business.
As well as general building and refurbishment work we will be focusing on Kitchens and Bathrooms this year.
All the very best for 2012

December 2011
The ServiceBase team would like to wish all our customers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

November 2011
Well despite all the gloomy talk about the economy we have been pricing building projects regularly. A lot of folk in North Wales and Chester seem to be considering loft conversions or extensions. We expect to be really busy next year.
Don’t forget we offer joinery services and supply and fit kitchens and bathrooms.  We service Rhyl, Abergele, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Prestatyn, Flint and Chester.

October 2011
Cheap joiners in Rhyl, Cheap builders Abergele. We offer good service at the right price.  We currently have the best prices on engineered and solid wood flooring. Drop us a line for more info!

September 2011 
It’s been a busy few months at ServiceBase. We’ve joined the National Federation of Builders which cements our reputation for being a competent, ethical contractor.
 We’ve provided plenty of estimates for building work in Rhyl and loft conversions in Llandudno.
We’ve been helping to keep the rented properties in Rhyl in top shape and are very excited about prospects for next year.
We are here to help with free advice on all aspects of building and joinery work.
We are also supporting the CUT THE VAT campaign for domestic building works. Have a look and see what you think http://www.cutthevat.co.uk/cut-the-vat/why-reduce-vat/
Tory MP Brian Binley has called on the government to cut the rate of VAT applied to domestic refurbishment work.
Speaking at a National Federation of Builders (NFB) fringe event at the Conservative conference, Mr Binley talked of the need to look at the demand side of the economy. “We need to look at how we create demand and saying that any form of demand stimulus will add to debt is too crude a viewpoint” he said.
Stating that the NFB was “absolutely right” to be talking about reducing VAT on refurbishment, he added: “This doesn’t have to mean more government borrowing. In fact, it could make the Treasury money. And I think this is something which would be iconic. Housing is iconic to the country.”
The call to look at a reduced rate of VAT on home improvements, repair and maintenance work, a measure allowed for under EU rules, was backed up by two other Conservative MPs, Peter Aldous and Anne Marie Morris, both speaking at the same event. The measure appears to have significant cross-party support, as the shadow chancellor Ed Balls has called for the government to do the same.
Mr Aldous made the point that the full rate of VAT applied to most renovation and repair work sits perversely alongside the zero rate on new build, and can act to fuel the black economy. "This is something the chancellor really needs to look at in his autumn statement" he said.
Taking up the theme of construction SMEs, Aldous, the MP for Waveney, cited the example of some schools being built in his constituency, where the local authority had chosen not to award any of the contracts to builders from the local area, saying “There has got to be some give and take on the part of LAs on this."
Mr Binley, also spoke in strong terms about the common failure of local authorities to support their local construction industry.
“Let’s be frank, the treatment of SMEs in local authority procurement is often appalling. And that is true of Tory councils as much as Lib Dem and Labour, let's be honest about it. Government has to have the courage to look at this. If you want to help local businesses, you have to tackle this issue.”
Julia Evans, chief executive of the National Federation of Builders, seized on the same theme, telling local authorities that: "SME builders, who have played a vital role in their local economies for years are now struggling to win contracts from local authorities.”
"And it is not because they are all of a sudden not good enough.  It is because your processes are squeezine therm out."  Ms Evans urged local authorities to  
"put this right and make a difference."
Cut the VAT campaign
The NFB fully supports the Cut the VAT Campaign, which argues that VAT on all home repair, maintenance and improvement work should be reduced from 20% to 5%. Independent research shows that this particular change to VAT rates would bring about a number of significant advantages, which include stimulating economic growth, creating tens of thousands of jobs, improving the UK’s housing stock, encouraging spending on energy efficient home improvements and a dramatic reduction in the competitive advantage of cowboy builders.